German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)



The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) employs about 340 staff.

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Organisation Planning, Coordination, Quality Assurance, MAB Office President Press, Public Relations Central Division and Main Section I Competence Centre Main Section II: Conversation, Development and Sustainable Use of Nature and the Landscape Administration Personnel, Legal Advice Budget, Organization, Internal Services Administrative Processing of Nature Conservation Projects Central Information Services Nature Conservation Information, Geographical Information IT, User Support Literature Documentation, Information, Libraries, Editorial Work CITES Management Authority Import and Export of Animals and Plants Import and Export of Parts and Derivatives Legal Matters and Disposal of Confiscated Fundamental issues of Nature Conservation Legal Affairs, Economics and Ecologically Sound Regional Development Society, Sustainability, Tourism and Sport International Nature Conservation Ecology and Conservation of Flora and Fauna Wildlife Conservation Plant Conservation Monitoring Biotope Protection and Landscape Ecology Biotope Protection and Biotope Management Habitats Directive/Natura 2000 Site Protection / Large Scale Conservation Sustainable Land-Use, Biosafety Agriculture and Forestry Inland Waters and Floodplain Ecosystems, Water Balance GMO-Regulation, Biosafety Nature and the Landscape in Planning and Projects (Leipzig) Landscape Planning, Spatial Planning and Urban Development Impact Mitigation, Transport Infrastructure Planning Renewable Energy Island of Vilm, Administration of Vilm Biological Diversity / CBD Marine and Coastal Nature Conservation International Academy for Nature Conservation


 Organization Chart (as of March 2015)

 BfN Establishing Act

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