German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Large shallow inlets and bays

NATURA 2000 Code: 1160


Large shallow inlets and bays, particularly between the North Sea chains of islands and the mainland (unless these are mudflats), including the Bodden and lagoons ('Haffs') of the Baltic: substrates vary between regions (hard / soft substrates), free of vegetation or with beds of eelgrasses.

Notes on habitat mapping:

Shallow sea water areas near the coast, i.e. which are continuously submerged and dominated by shallow water areas where light penetrates to the seabed. In the Baltic the landward boundary is delimited by the mean water mark. The differentiation to the mudflats of the North Sea is based on the mean low water tide. Other habitat types contained in this type, such as 1110 ( sandbanks), 1140 ( mudflats and sandflats), 1170 ( reefs) are to be mapped separately and assigned to the relevant habitat type. Fjord-like bays containing shallow water areas are fully assigned to this type. Areas impounded by dikes do not fall into this category. In contrast to the  coastal lagoons (1150) there is a continuous exchange of water with the open marine waters. The lack of freshwater influence distinguishes this habitat type from the  estuaries (1130).

Additional notes:

In CORINE inshore waters (11.121), benthic communities (11.2), eelgrass communities (11.3.), and brackish sea vascular vegetation (11.4) are classified separately.

Last Change: 15/12/2011