German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Siliceous alpine and boreal grasslands

NATURA 2000 Code: 6150


Subalpine to nival natural or near-natural grassland on siliceous rock. These include alpine grasslands of the Caricetea curvulae and subalpine-alpine mat-grass swards (Nardion strictae), i.e. Nardus-rich extensive alpine pastures and transitional communities to siliceous snowfield communities.

Notes on habitat mapping:

The criterion for the delimitation of this habitat type is the presence of vegetation of the syntaxa given above (Nardion: only Siversio-Nardetum strictae). The upland matt-grass swards of the low mountain ranges generally lack the subalpine and alpine flora elements, and the regional facies of the upland mat-grass swards of the Upper Black Forest, the Harz mountains, and the Bavarian Forest are to be considered under  species-rich Nardus grasslands (6230).

Last Change: 19/12/2011