German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


* Alpine pioneer formations of the Caricion

NATURA 2000 Code: *7240


Neutral to acidic, clayey to sandy-gravelly alluvial soils of the alpine to subalpine zones with low-growing vegetation primarily composed of sedges and rushes; occasionally there may be a small amount of peat formation. Such isolated patch habitats which are constantly flushed by surface seepage of cold water occur adjacent to springs, small streams and in moraine fields of the Alps. Permanent or continuous soil frost over a long period is essential for the existence of this habitat type. The vegetation is low-growing and mostly dominated by Carex spp. and Juncus spp..

Notes on habitat mapping:

The assignment to this habitat type is to be based on the presence of vegetation of the syntaxa given above.

Last Change: 13/01/2012