German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Acidophilous Picea forests of the montane to alpine levels (Vaccinio-Piceetea)

NATURA 2000 Code: 9410


Montane to sub-alpine natural or near-natural spruce forests (Vaccinio-Piceetea) of the Alps and the low mountain ranges within the natural range of Picea. Comprises stands under a range of site conditions from siliceous to calcareous soils, and occurring as hydrophilous types influenced by cold air flows to xerophilous types.

Notes on habitat mapping:

Characterized by the dominance of spruce and occurring within the natural range of spruce. Spruce plantations outside of the natural range of Picea woodlands are excluded.

Additional notes:

In the EU the natural spruce forests with Picea orientalis and the natural spruce forests of the Caucasus with Picea omorika are included in this habitat type.

Last Change: 17/01/2012