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Building Institutional Capacity in Government Conservation and Protected Area Organisations A workshop to explore options and identify directions

08.01.2017 - 11.01.2017

Bundesamt für Naturschutz, IUCN - WCPA
Mike Appleton (IUCN WCPA Capacity Development Thematic Group), Bettina Ohnesorge (Bundesamt für Naturschutz)
Nur auf Einladung: Beruflich im Naturschutz tätige Personen, Experten im Bereich Capacity Building und Organisational Development

The conservation and protected areas sector is making good progress in expanding and diversifying access to good quality training and learning, although much remains to be done. However, conservation impact not only requires competent individuals, it also depends on effective organisations. Across the world conservation agencies find it difficult to compete for influence and resources with other sectors in government. They also struggle to offer staff the working conditions, stability, incentives and opportunities for professional advancement that they would like. In some cases, field staff are required to work in unacceptably hazardous conditions. Government and civil service procedures often also hinder the ability of conservation bodies to respond to the rapidly evolving and expanding demands of global biodiversity and development polices, goals and innovations. At the individual level, these challenges frequently result in low morale and high staff turnover, as staff become frustrated at their inability to put their knowledge and training into practice and at lack of organisational progress. This issue is increasingly recognised as a major barrier to conservation success. Various initiatives are underway, for example promoting professionialisation of protected area management (through IUCN WCPA), securing better recognition and support for conservation staff (e.g. through the International Ranger Federation and other ranger associations) and providing tools for organisational self-assessment and development (e.g. through the Capacity for Conservation initiative). However it is normally not possible to change the fundamental ways in which governments and civil services function; there is real need to identify what can realistically and practically be done to improve the status, working practices, organisational culture and staff morale in hard-pressed government conservation agencies. This meeting is intended to bring together conservation professionals, capacity building experts, organisational development specialists and protected area practitioners to consider options, develop recommendations and identify realistic and practical ways for supporting and enabling organisational capacity development within conservation and protected area agencies.

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