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Reihe: Internationaler Naturschutz

Workshop for conservation practitioners "Adaptive Management (AM) - using the CMP Open Standards for the practice of conservation"

02.02.2015 - 06.02.2015

European Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet Europe)
Nicolas Boenisch (Co-Leader CCNet Europe, WWF Germany), Felix Cybulla (Coach CCNet Europe), Uli Gräbener (WWF Germany), Gisela Stolpe (Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN))
The AM Workshop addresses conservation practitioners from governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as consultancies from all over Europe. The workshop allows up to 4 teams to join. In total we welcome a maximum of 32 participants. We will decide on a first come first serve basis. Ideally, we encourage whole teams, made up by 5 - 8 people from one organization/project context to attend which would enable you to work on a case from your organization. However, it is also possible to attend on an individual basis. You will then be part of a team composed of people from a variety of organizations. Deadline for registration is 7 December 2014.

The workshop offers an in depth training on the Open Standards for the practice of conservation, an adaptive management approach to conservation projects and programs that is practiced and has been developed by leading international conservation organizations. The Workshop also covers the supporting software MIRADI, that helps to capture and share results and support implementation. After the workshop practitioners will be able to develop management and monitoring plans that encourage testing of assumptions, learning and adapting. They will have practiced how to prioritize conservation targets and use conceptual models and results (causal) chains to analyze threats and determine goals, objectives and indicators. They will also be able to strategically select strategies and determine actions. The workshop offers a mix of theory, practice, reflection & peer review. The trainers will introduce the theory. Teams will put theory in practice. Coaches will facilitate the teams. All will share lessons learned and thoughts in plenary. Peers will review each other's results.


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