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Reihe: International Nature Conservation

Meeting of the Advisory Committee, ProPark Capacity Building Project Eastern Europe

20.10.2014 - 24.10.2014

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, ProPark Romania
Dr. Ralf Grunewald (BfN) and Erika Stanciu (ProPark)
Members of the Advisory Committee, invited experts

By implementing the project: ”Capacity Building Plans for Efficient Protected Area Management in Eastern Europe”, commissioned by The Federal Agency for Nature Protection in Germany (BfN), ProPark aims to support and coordinate the development of national and regional plans for capacity building for PoWPA (Programme of Work on Protected Areas) implementation in Eastern Europe. Project duration: October 2012 - November 2015 The target area of this project includes 24 countries from Eastern Europe and neighboring regions. For a more focused approach, most of the project activities will target 10 countries from 4 “pilot areas”: the Baltic, the Caucasus, the Balkan, the Dynaric and the Carpathian area. The project aims to: - assess the training and capacity needs of protected area staff working in all the 24 target countries. More in-depth assessments will be conducted in the priority countries. - develop plans for model approaches that take into consideration the specific context, the current status and the training needs of the target countries; - identify and promote the possible implementing agencies / institutions that can act as centres of good practice for capacity building in the protected area management field in their region or country; - develop the capacities of these centers to implement these programmes by training the future trainers; - facilitate the exchange of information (concerning the sources of funding, training and development opportunities, etc.) and the collaboration between actors involved in capacity building at national and regional level by developing an online platform and a network of specialists. For a coordinated approach, a Project Advisory Committee was established, gathering 8 individual experts and representatives of European organizations and institutions that are currently involved and interested in capacity building activities for protected areas, such as: EUROPARC Federation, E.C.O. - Institut für Ökologie - Klagenfurt, Austria, ATEN - Atelier Technique des Espaces Naturels - France, etc. The Committee will provide expertise for the development of long term capacity building programmes.


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