German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Conservation, Development and Sustainable Use of Nature and the Landscape

Dr. Alfred Herberg
Dr. Uwe Riecken
Konstantinstr. 110
53179 Bonn, Germany
+49 (0)228 8491-1401 (secretary’s office)
+49 (0)228 8491-1409

Activities/Thematic Focus

  • Developing and implementing resources and strategies for species conservation at national and international level
  • Monitoring and assessing the conservation status of species, ecological communities, habitats and landscapes, and analysing sources of threat
  • Strategies and programmes for conservation-ased environment monitoring and success measurement
  • Issues relating to landscape ecology and habitat protection; planning of habitat protection programmes, development of a habitat network, designation of priority nature conservation sites and implementation of national grant funding programmes on protected areas
  • Integration of nature conservation concerns into land uses such as farming, forestry, use of water resources, recreation, transport, tourism and sport with the aim of guiding them along sustainable lines
  • Developing and evaluating landscape plans, impact mitigation rules under nature conservation law and other similar policy instruments, including promoting use of renewables and sustainable energy and resource extraction
  • Involved in proceedings under the German Genetic Engineering Act and Federal Waterways Act
  • National implementation and advancement at international level of the Convention on Biological Diversity
  • Nature conservation in national and international marine and coastal habitats
  • Running the international nature conservation academy

Last Change: 15/05/2017