German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Island of Vilm

Dr. Alfred Herberg
Dr. Korn
Insel Vilm
18581 Putbus, Germany
+49 (0)38301 86-0
+49 (0)38301 86-150

Activities/Thematic Focus

  • Ongoing development and implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity at international level
  • Conceptual and specialist scientific support in implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity at national level
  • National and international issues and responsibilities relating to marine and coastal nature conservation in the north-east Atlantic region (including the North Sea) and the Baltic Sea; participation in marine protection conventions
  • Integration of conservation aspects into fisheries activities
  • Marine nature protection under the German act implementing the Environmental Protection Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty
  • Planning, initiation and organisation of meetings, workshops, courses and seminars on national and international conservation issues
  • Conference venue for organisers of nature conservation and environmental protection conferences

Last Change: 15/05/2017