German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Society, Sustainability, Tourism and Sport

Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Erdmann
Beate Job-Hoben
Konstantinstr. 110
53179 Bonn, Germany
+49 (0)228 / 8491-1711 (secretary’s office)
+49 (0)228 / 8491-1719

Activities/Thematic Focus

  • General and fundamental issues relating to the social environment and conservation-related social trends in urban and non-urban settings
  • Social aspects of communication and education in a nature conservation context
  • Sociological analysis and development of people’s understanding of nature, nature awareness and sustainable lifestyles
  • Ongoing development and integration of strategies to boost public acceptance of nature conservation
  • Support for nature conservation as a profession
  • General and fundamental issues relating to conservation-focused, sustainable land use in tourism and sport, including international developments
  • Analysing and assessing trends in recreation, leisure, sport and tourism in nature and the environment, including with regard to large-scale conservation areas (new forms of recreation, the planning framework, etc.)
  • Developing and appraising visions, quality targets, strategies, policies and methods of integrated nature conservation in recreation, leisure, sport and tourism
  • Formulating strategies, recommendations and measures to secure and develop provision for recreation in nature and the environment
  • Involvement in developing and implementing sustainability strategies and programmes/approaches for sustainable development

Last Change: 15/05/2017