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Urban Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services – Values, Policies, Planning and Implementation

From 16 to 19 June 2015 the 8th Sino-German Workshop on Biodiversity and Conservation was held in Dresden and Berlin. This year’s topic was „Urban Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services – Values, Policies, Planning and Implementation“.

Participants of the 8th Sino-German Workshop on Biodiversity;
Author: Lennart Kümper-Schlake (BfN)
Group picture of 8th Sino-German Workshop


Welcome and Introduction

Towards the Sino-German Urbanisation Partnership
Vera Rodenhoff, Sandra Müller, BMUB

China’s national TEEB process - Focusing on urban ecosystem services
Li Junsheng, CRAES

Arguing for urban green - Values, policies and implementation of ecosystems in cities
Beate Jessel, President Bundesamt für Naturschutz (BfN)

Green City Lab - Implementation of green infrastructure and urban planning in Germany
Wolfgang Wende, IÖR and TU Dresden

New-Type Urbanisation and Ecological Civilisation in China - Potential impacts on biodiversity
Hu Lile, CRAES and BfN

Urban biodiversity and intercultural knowledge transfer - What to learn from each other?
Trudy Maria Tertilt, Sino-German consultant

Short introduction to the GreenCities-Study CN/GER
IÖR, CUMT, Salzburg University, ECNU


Values of Ecosystem Services and Entry Points for Policy Development

Update on TEEB’s national implementation & TEEB for cities
Kavita Sharma, UNEP

TEEB DE 3: Ecosystem services in the City - Protecting health and enhancing quality of life - Contents & processes
Katharina Dietrich, BfN

Urban eco-capital assessment - The example of Wenjiang District, Chengdu City
Li Xiushan, CRAES

Economic effects of ecosystem services provided by urban green spaces
Henry Wüstemann, TU Berlin

Urban ecosystem services - Assessing green infrastructure in Shanghai
Jürgen Breuste, Salzburg University

Ecosystem services and biodiversity in Beijing City
Xiao Nengwen, CRAES

Nature-based solutions in cities - Addressing climate change and societal challenges
Sandra Naumann, Ecologic Institute


Integration of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in City Planning

Introducing eco-compensation mechanisms in urban water resource areas to improve ecosystem services provision
Xu Linyu, BNU

Consideration of urban green and ecosystem services in German urban & landscape planning
Stefan Heiland, TU Berlin

Biodiversity protection in the process of Ecocity building
Han Yongwei, CRAES

“Municipalities for Biological Diversity” - A network for exchange of experiences and best practices
Silke Wissel, DUH

Towards BiodiverCity Mainz - Current processes in the capital of Rheinland-Palatinate
Sonja Gärtner, Office for the Environment and Urban Green, Mainz

Biodiversity Berlin - Communication, co-operation and planning
Michael Gödde, Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment, Berlin


Excursion: Dresden

In the afternoon of the first workshop day an excursion to the Dresden’s Elbe flood plains took place with the purpose of visiting its green and blue infrastructure. Furthermore, the city’s flood trail was followed by the participants. 

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