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9-Steps-NDF-Guidance for Timber

The picture shows the cover of BfN-Skripten 504: CITES Non-Detriment Findings for Timber

The 22nd Plants Committee had encouraged parties to also use the Guidance for making Non-detriment Findings for CITES-listed tree species. Building on existing work on timber-NDF CITES and timber experts from the European Union and the CITES Secretariat met in a workshop on the Isle of Vilm, Germany in November 2015 to set the basics for timber NDF’s. Subsequently, using the structure of the 9-Steps-NDF-Guidance for perennial plants, the „CITES Non-detriment Findings for Timber: Guidance for EU-member states“ was developed and endorsed by the Scientific Review Group (SRG) of the EU. The documents (guidance text and worksheets) can be downloaded from the e-library of UNEP-WCMC.

Adapted to the needs of exporting countries and on invitation by the Peruvian SA the resulting 9-Steps-Guidance “CITES Non-detriment Findings for Timber, Version 1.0” was presented to representatives of 9 countries of the Amazon region and Central America. The workshop in May 2017 was organised by the Ministry of the Environment of Peru with the support of the Amazon Regional Program (BMZ/DGIS/GIZ). The lessons learned from Peru were incorporated into the Guidance and the resulting Version 2.0 was discussed with international forestry- and CITES experts at a workshop again on the Isle of Vilm in November 2017. The results of the Vilm workshop have been used to produce an improved Guidance Version 3.0, which has been published in September 2018.

The Guidance text and the worksheets are presently available in the following language:

English Timber guidance text (pdf)/ timber worksheets (xlsx)

CITES Scientific Authorities are encouraged to make use of the guidance and to feedback experience to Daniel Wolf and David Harter.

Tree NDF Workshop, November 2017, Isle of Vilm, Germany
The picture shows participants of the Tree NDF Workshop held on November 2017 on the Isle of Vilm, Germany.

9 Steps Timber NDF Workshop, May 2017, Lima, Peru
The picture shows participants of the 9 Steps Timber NDF Workshop held in May 2017 in Lima, Peru

EU Timber NDF Workshop, November 2015, Isle of Vilm, Germany
The picture shows participants of the EU Timber NDF Workshop held in November 2015 on the Isle of Vilm, Germany