German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Nature conservation for migrants and refugees

Photo: Jutta Luig-Beilmann
Migranten Naturerleben Foto: Jutta Luig-Beilmann

With this seminar the Federal Agency wanted to explore the topic, encourage people and organisations to develop specific programmes based on good practises presented, to enable mutual learning and to strengthen collaboration  between the various actors. The seminar contributes to widening the intercultural approach of conservation.  It also enables a very practical exchange of experience and lessons learned between actors in conservation and integration policy and practise. Success factors, identified challenges and pilot projects will all be presented soon in the resulting publication within the publications series BfN-Skripten of the BfN. Furthermore, a discussion paper has been elaborated that will be available for download soon. For further questions, please contact Frank Wichert.

Last Change: 02/08/2017