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New Workshop Report

New report: "Building Institutional Capacity in Government Conservation and Protect-ed Area Organisations“

Vilm, 12.01.2017 Across the world conservation agencies find it difficult to compete for influence and resources with other sectors in government. They also struggle to offer staff the working conditions, stability, incentives and opportunities for professional advancement that they would like. Government and civil service procedures often also hinder the ability of conservation bodies to respond to the rapidly evolving and expanding demands of global biodiversity and development policies, goals and innovations.

This issue is increasingly recognised as a major barrier to conservation success. Various initiatives are underway to address this situation.

There is real need to identify what can realistically and practically be done to improve the status, working practices, organisational culture and staff morale in hard-pressed government conservation agencies.

A workshop jointly organized by BfN-INA and the IUCN WCPA Capacity Development Thematic Group in January 2017 on Vilm addressed these issues with a group of experts from governmental and non-governmental orgainsations The workshop results can be downloaded from the INA website soon. The results feed into the capacity development work of  both IUCN-WCPA and BfN-INA. GS/BO.

Workshop Report