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Understanding international conservation

Understanding international Nature Conservation

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Vilm, 27.02.2018

“Very well combined set up of a broad variety of different topics relevant for international nature conservation” (Students quote 2018)

Twenty five master students with different backgrounds from diverse study programmes with one common interest: International nature conservation

In February 2018, students from all over the world from selected M.Sc. programmes at German universities came together for the one-week-module on International Nature Conservation at the International Academy for Nature Conservation on the Isle of Vilm. The module offered insights into a wide range of different conservation topics, starting with an update on recent trends in global biodiversity, Protected Area concepts and tools, the International Governance Framework for Conservation, strategies to ensure sustainable trade of wildlife, marine nature conservation, strategic conservation planning, and ended up with challenges and strategies in the combat of poaching. Experts from a diversity of organisations engaged in international conservation, including the BfN, transferred first-hand knowledge and experience. Equally valuable was the exchange among students on their experiences.
The student’s backgrounds varied inter alia from International Nature Conservation (University Göttingen) and Tropical Forestry (TU Dresden) to Environmental Management (University Kiel) and World Heritage Studies (Brandenburg TU in Cottbus). Students stressed that the course inspired and motivated them a lot and offered great possibilities to extend their professional network. Furthermore, it illustrated interesting career prospects in the field of international conservation.
The interactive character of the module with a mix of input, poster presentations, simulation games and facilitated group work, participants felt that they had an “amazing week” and an “excellent and unforgettable experience”.
The Academy has been offering the module in International Nature Conservation for participating master programmes once a year since 2011 and adapts the content to articulated demand and upcoming topics.