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Vilm in the course of the year 2008


Traditionally, the autumn is the time of the Yearly Annual General Meeting of the German crows at Vilm – or so it seems.
Hundreds of them gather on certain trees of the island. At the International Academy for Nature Conservation, also some seminars are still taking place – the humans assemble as well before they start their winter activities.

The weather is rather moisty these days, which makes the fungae happy. Humans less so.

crows on trees
fungi on tree

Open house 2008

Once a year, during summertime, there is an open house on Vilm.
400 visitors took this opportunity this time despite the bad weather forecast to take one of the boats and have a look at this island which is beautiful even "under water".
On this day, the conference house was not a location for presentations, working groups or discussions on nature conservation issues but for nice music and activities like face design for children.
Outside there were guided tours around the island starting every hour to explain its nature and the work done here.

Everybody is invited to come again next year!

People with umbrellas in front of conference house
People at the information desk in conference house
Boy to do handicrafts
Children to do handicrafts
Heavy rain-people under the tree
Information desk about bats
Music group: Quartetto Vocale
Music group: Jazzsaari
People in Excursion
People in Excursion

Spring beauty

Vilm is most of the time very beautiful.
Many say, though, that in spring time the island is most beautiful: When the forest floor is covered with little, white flowers of the wood anemone (Anemone nemorosa), combined with coloured spots of pink Corydalis’ and Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem’s (Gagea lutea) flowers. This is how the forest looks like at the moment!

The contrast of the big and mighty beeches and oaks to the tiny herbs is impressive. So, it is no surprise that up to now, more than 300 painters were inspired by the isle of Vilm. One of them, Carl Rahtjen, was even so impressed that he was not able to paint for six weeks!

wood anemone and pink Corydalis
wood anemone and pink Corydalis

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