German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Vilm in the course of the year 2009

Yellow pears and swans

There is a poem of the German Friedrich Hölderlin who lived from 1770 to 1843 and which can come to one’s mind these days on Vilm. It is called “Half of life”. It describes a piece of land “hanging” into the lake with hanging ripe pears, and swans dunking their heads into the holy water, drunken of kisses.

At the moment, the last pears are hanging on the tree, and whooper swans (Cygnus cygnus) are around the island, having a rest of several weeks before they continue their journey. And the windless, foggy days give a special atmosphere to the water of the lagoon…


crows on trees
fungi on tree

Spring, brides and the Ovoo

The season of new beginnings this time came sneaking up slowly and then suddenly was there. The time we longed for the first leaves is over, the time there was a thick, green, flowered carpet on the forest floor and the tree walls were transparent have passed. Now the cherry, apple and pear trees as well as many shrubs are brimming with white blossoms and look like adorned brides embedded in the light green landscape. We need some rain though, as the flowers do not have much nectar at the moment, thus few of the Vilm bees are visiting them and so, we might not get so many fruits or honey… (Our seminar guests like to buy this honey!)

Flowered carpet and transparent tree walls
Adorned bride trees on Vilm

The new Ovoo on Vilm

A German-Mongolian group which worked on Vilm also brought something new: an Ovoo. If you travel in Mongolia you will see these stone piles with a stick and blue scarves attached to it at the highest elevation of travel routes and important places. People get off the horse (or the car) when they pass, take a stone from the ground, walk three times around the Ovoo (clockwise!), put the stone on the pile and make a good wish. Now you can do this on Vilm, too!

P. S. referring to the winter text: It did not!