German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Sub-pannonic steppic grasslands

NATURA 2000 Code: *6240


Subcontinental steppic grasslands with vegetation of the Festucion valesiacae alliance and related syntaxa. The vegetation may be primary or secondary.

Notes on habitat mapping:

The criterion for the delimitation of this habitat type is the presence of vegetation of the syntaxa given above (xerophile subcontinental grasslands of the Festucion valesiacae and the Cirsio-Brachypodion - e.g. Adonido-Brachypodietum). This type may occasionally contain vegetation that is transitional to thermophilic saum communities of the Trifolio-Geranietea which should be included if they contain a considerable proportion of character species of the Festucetalia valesiacae and syntaxa included in this class.

Semi-dry calcareous grasslands (especially with dominant Brachypodium pinnatum or Festuca rupicola) should be assigned to habitat type 6240 if at least one of the following subcontinental differential species is present:

Achillea setacea, Achillea pannonica, Adonis vernalis, Astragalus danicus, Astragalus exscapus, Campanula sibirica, Carex supina, Festuca valesiaca, Oxytropis pilosa, Potentilla arenaria, Scorzonera purpurea, any Stipa species.

Additional notes:

This habitat type was added to Annex I in the course of its amendment as part of the accession of Austria, Finland and Sweden. This type of vegetation was previously included under sub-type 6211 of habitat type 6210. Its centre of distribution is the pannonic region, hence the description as sub-pannonic.

Last Change: 02/03/2021