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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

Pfrunger - Burgweiler peatlands (Pfrunger - Burgweiler Ried)

Areas and habitats
Large-Scale Conservation Projects
Large-scale interconnected mires in the Oberschwaben region
Federal state
Division II 2.1 Biotope Protection and Management; Protected Areas
Funding phase I: 2002 to 2005 (management and development planning), Funding phase II: 2006 to 2015 (implementation)
Core area 1,453 ha ha
Baden-Württemberg, at the borders of the Ravensburg and Sigmaringen districts between the municipalities of Ostrach and Wilhelmsdorf, Physiographic unit: Oberschwäbisches Hügelland (Upper Swabian hills)
Grant amount
Funding phase I: 1.27 million €, Funding phase II: 8.91 million €

Project description

This is one of the most important peatland areas of southern Germany. The area contains predominantly raised bogs, transition mires, and fens as well as the Ostrach river valley. The Pfrunger - Burgweil peatlands host a species-rich, characteristic flora and fauna including highly endangered and rare species and they are resting places for endangered migratory bird species. (Species found include slender cottongrass (Eriophorum gracile), eight bat species, common snipes (Gallinago gallinago), white storks (Ciconia ciconia), spotted crakes (Porzana porzana), the cranberry blue butterfly (Vacciniina optilete) and the moth Lemonia taraxaci).

The project has the following objectives:

  • To stop any process that contributes to the degradation of the peatlands;
  • To restore the original hydrology in as far as the water quality is sufficient to do so;
  • To regenerate peat-forming, hydrologically and trophically intact peatland ecosystems;
  • To maintain and develop elements of the flora and fauna characteristic of the peatlands, as well as their biocoenoses.

Measures planned in order to achieve these objectives include site purchases as well as initial restoration measures such as re-wetting, scrub removal, and initial mowing. Visitor management measures are also planned.


Project executing agencies

Stiftung Naturschutz Pfrunger - Burgweiler Ried
Riedweg 3, 88271 Wilhelmsdorf

Project funding agencies

Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), Land (state) Baden-Württemberg, Stiftung Naturschutz Pfrunger - Burgweiler Ried (conservation foundation)
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