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Protected Area Management Effectiveness Assessment in Europe - a review of data, methods and results

The seminar was held at the International Academy for Nature Conservation Isle of Vilm, Germany, November 1st to 5th 2009, and organized by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) in cooperation with University of Greifswald, University of Queensland, UNEP-WCMC, EUROPARC Federation and Equilibrium Research

Seminar aims

  • Review frameworks, trends and implementation for the assessment of management effectiveness of protected areas incl. increase awareness of the CBD targets on assessing management effectiveness in Europe as a contribution to the further implementation of the Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA)
  • Present an overview of protected areas management effectiveness evaluation systems in Europe
  • Compare and review application and lessons learned from assessing effectiveness of protected area management in Europe (in terms of methods, results and implementation)
  • Verify and modify results and interpretation of data and systems
  • Discuss and develop conclusions and recommendations with regard to the application of PAME in Europe (needs, strengths, weaknesses, barriers, opportunities in particular with regard to NATURA 2000, possible support and follow up)
  • Promote PAME application in Europe
  • Feed into the review of PoWPA to date and make recommendations to IUCN/CBD on the revision of the PoWPA in 2010 with regard to management effectiveness evaluation.
  • Develop ideas and suggestions how Europe could link more effective PAs in with the various initiatives planned for the 2010 year of biodiversity.
  • Enhance transparency of PAME in Europe and build confidence in sharing data and improve reporting of PAME to the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA)

Target group

  • Protected area professionals in Europe, in particular those tasked with monitoring and evaluation and who have yet to fulfil their obligations concerning management effectiveness under the CBD’s PoWPA, in particular: 1. Protected areas managers in Europe 2. European protected area agencies and environmental ministries 3. NGOs
  • High level policy setters (leaders of the EUROPARC sections, EU DG Env, WCPA, IUCN-Programme of PAs and Europe office), selected experts


  • Review management effectiveness assessment systems and implementation in Europe
  • Document lessons learned from management effectiveness assessment in Europe
  • Develop recommendations and action plan to help countries elaborate and implement assessment systems that takes account of Europe-specific circumstances
  • Verified and improved data for the European Study
  • Develop recommendations to IUCN/CBD on the revision of the PoWPA in 2010 with regard to management effectiveness evaluation


  • Implementation of the CBD’s PoWPA’s target on management effectiveness assessment in Europe
  • Increased effectiveness of management of protected areas in Europe
  • Partnerships and collaboration between European countries on developing and implementing management effectiveness assessment systems
  • Consolidated and comprehensive data in the WDPA on PAME in Europe


A review of application, methods and results
(BfN-Skripten 271a, 2010 (2,8 MB))

Supplementary Report
(BfN-Skripten 271b, 2010 (1,8 MB))