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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

6th EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium "Assessing, monitoring and protecting cave biotopes and geotopesthrough Natura 2000 or similar programs in Europe"

Internationale Naturschutzakademie
Datum, Uhrzeit
26.10.2021 (Di.) 18:00 Uhr
30.10.2021 (Sa.) 13:00 Uhr
European Cave Protection Commission, European Speleological Federation and German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
BfN: Ute Feit, ECPC: Bärbel VOGEL (DE), Jean-Claude THIES (LU)
Invited ave experts or the main responsible persons for monitoring caves, one from each FSE member state's speleological organisation and from the official administration responsible for the reporting, to exchange experience, practical issues, crossborde

Caves and Karst are important features of the European landscape and have intrinsic natural beauty and value. However they are constantly exposed to numerous human impacts, directly inside the cave environment or indirectly in the associated surrounding. Karst regions suffer from destruction, air and water pollution associated mainly due to forestry, agricultural chemicals, quarries, landfills, mining, urban and rural development and uncontrolled mass tourism. The degree of destruction of a cave habitat may be detected directly or indirectly via a systematic monitoring of biospeleological life forms. The 2020 EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium's theme of "Assessing, monitoring and protecting cave biotopes and geotopes through Natura 2000 or similar programs in Europe" will focus on scientific and technical aspects of cave and karst monitoring and assessment, protection and conservation, through speleological inputs, exchange of best practice and sharing of knowledge. It should give an overview about Natura 2000 type 8310 ''habitat caves not open to public" monitoring procedures in EU member states and similar programs in non-EU countries. Main aspects will be monitoring, evaluation and cooperation through borders. It will address appropriate management measures to restore or maintain a favourable conservation status.

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