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German presidency of Alpine Convention ends – with positive results also for nature conservation

Alpine landscape (Photo: Bettina Hedden-Dunkhorst)
In the photo you can see a typical farmhouse and a chapel on a lake side. In the background you can see snow-capped mountains.

Grassau, 13 October 2016: Today, the Alpine Conference ends in Grassau, along with the two-year German presidency of the Alpine Convention. Also nature conservation efforts can be assessed positively. Various new projects have been initiated and partly supported by Germany. A focus was the establishment of an ecological network for the Alpine region. Chaired by BfN, the respective platform - ecological network of the Alpine convention - attempted to connect the relevance of biodiversity and ecosystem services to economical and societal issues. This enabled a linkage to another key topic of the German presidency: green economy. In terms of implementing the ecological network, pilot regions nominated by the Alpine Convention play a significant role in testing innovative approaches as well as involving the local level. The “Multiannual Work Programme” (2017-2022) incorporates biodiversity and nature conservation again so they remain of central value for the Alpine Convention in future.

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