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Category: International Nature Conservation

Knowledge management within the International Climate Initiative of the German government

09/05/2016 - 12/05/2016

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BUMB)
Bettina Ohnesorge (BfN), Dr. Rudolf Specht (BMUB)
experts dealing with the ICI and/or with knowledge management on invitation only

There is a great pool of regional, political, strategic and technical information and experience within the diverse projects of the German International Climate Initiative (ICI). The German environmental ministry (BMUB) aims at a more targeted knowledge management for making this knowledge more easily accessible to people involved in current and future ICI projects, and to use it for further developing the ICI strategy, for information and policy development. This workshop is part of a series of events held by BMUB and BfN since 2013, all aiming at strengthening the effectivity of biodiversity-relevant ICI projects by means of knowledge transfer and discussion of current issues. The aim of the Workshop is to contribute to the operationalization of the strategic knowledge management concept of ICI by testing and refining methods for systematizing experiences and generating „lessons learned“, using the example of a biodiversity-relevant topic. Therefore, the knowledge and experiences generated within ICI projects related to issues of sustainable use of natural resources will be collected, processed, documented, and made available to stakeholders involved in similar ICI projects.


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