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Natural Solutions for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) & Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) with a focus on Flood Prevention in South-Eastern Europe (SEE)

16.11.2017 - 20.11.2017

International Academy for Nature Conservation Isle of Vilm ( INA ), International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Kathrin Bockmühl and Gisela Stolpe (BfN, INA ), Boris Erg and Sanja Pokrajac (IUCN Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia)
Experts, stakeholders and priority site representatives within the field of nature-based disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in South Eastern Europe, IUCN experts from Global Programmes and Commission

Working basis of the three-day international workshop at the International Academy for Nature Conservation Isle of Vilm is an in advance accomplished study, analysing the flood risks and the implementation status of nature-based solutions in South Eastern Europe. The focus is put on flood-prevention in the countries Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Croatia and Montenegro. Analysed were among others relevant stakeholders, barriers and priority sites regarding nature-based solutions to flood-prevention. The completed study will be presented and discussed during the workshop. The workshop will serve among others to develope within working groups guidelines to overcome barriers to the implementation of nature-based solutions and to identify priority sites for future support. The workshop shall help to develop a work programme to foster nature-based flood-prevention in South Eastern Europe and to gain approval and support for pilot activities at priority sites.

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