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Reihe: Internationaler Naturschutz

Focus Seminar "Enhancing financial sustainability of biodiversity conservation - actors, approaches & aspirations"

23.07.2017 - 28.07.2017

Bundesamt für Naturschutz, GIZ GmbH, KfW
Marianne Alker, Barbara Lang (GIZ GmbH) Gisela Stolpe, Ralf Grunewald - Federal Agency for Nature Conservation Ralph Kadel - KfW
Practitioners and planners at the interface of development cooperation and biodiversity conservation (from GIZ, KfW, BMZ, BMUB, foundations, NGOs , consulting companies, partner organisations of German development cooperation)

Financing issues are among the most commonly mentioned obstacles when it comes to implementing conservation projects in development cooperation. Furthermore, not only are financing issues adressed in targets 3 (negative incentives and subsidies) and especially 20 (financial resources for conservation) of the Strategic Plan of the Biodiversity Convention ( CBD ), but also the Strategic Development Goals (SDGs) call for sufficient resources in each of the 17 SDGs descriptions. Many times strong connections can be seen between conservation and the SDGs (e.g. SDG targets 12, 13, 14, 15, and 17). This seminar will explore key challenges for financing conservation actions as well as projects in development cooporation. Looking at and analyzing good practice approaches, the s