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Nuremberg/Radolfzell/Bonn/Slavonice, 30.09.2014: A milestone of the Slavonice Conference has been the establishment of the European Green Belt Association by 23 organisations from 14 countries. Governmental organizations (GOs) and Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) together established the European Green Belt Association.


European conference on biodiversity and climate change in urban areas

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The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) in co-operation with the Network of European Nature Conservation Agencies (ENCA) hosted a European conference on "Nature-based solutions for climate change in urban areas and their rural surroundings - linkages between science, policy and practice" from November 17-19, 2015 at the Center of Advanced European Studies and Research (CAESAR) in Bonn/Germany.

 Documentation of the conference 

Titelblatt des BfN-Skripts 375

The study “Helping ecosystems in Europe to adapt to climate change“ contains practical advice on how nature conservation measures may support main European ecosystems to adapt to climate change, a critical reflection on heavily discussed concepts of adaptation (like “connectivity” and “translocation”) as well as the results of a survey on climate adaptation planning and conservation measures conducted across European conservation projects.


 The study is available for download here

The german population survey “2013 Nature Awareness Study” was carried out on behalf of the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. It is based on a representative sample of 2,007 persons of the German-speaking resident population from the age of 18 years taking into consideration all socio demographic segments and integrating people of all regions in Germany.

The study on nature awareness was designed as an instrument to observe changes in the relationship of the Germans to nature in a continuous way, i. e. at regular intervals. This ensures that the data used in nature conservation policy as well as in communication, education and public relations with regard to nature and nature conservation is always up-to-date and empirically verified. 

 Nature Awareness

At the International Academy for Nature Conservation

This new high-profile training programme aims to catalyze personal capacity development through training on international best conservation practice and policy, management training and personal network development. 

Additional information about the programme, the eligibility criteria and application process can be found  here.