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Information - knowledge for practitioners and the public

Information and ecucation - Seminar at the International Nature Conservation Academy on the Island of Vilm. Photo: BfN, Vilm


BfN considers itself as the central service provider for all issues relating to nature conservation. Comprehensive information and publicity work is therefore a key part of the Agency’s activities.

Information and publications

BfN provides information for practitioners in all areas of nature conservation and for the general public. Children and teenagers are an especially important target group. The Agency develops and refines teaching ideas and materials to introduce young people to nature and conservation, publishes a series of leaflets specially for children and provides a web portal for ‘nature detectives’ This unique project uses new media to combine the practical and virtual experience of nature.

Important research findings and work outcomes are published in the BfN-Schriften monograph series. BfN also publishes a journal “Natur und Landschaft”, containing academic articles and news on nature conservation and landscape management. The same information is available online in summary form here. The website additionally provides information on current projects, programmes and events together with links to BfN’s various specialist databases.



Library of Bfn. Photo: Daniel Wolf
Photo: Daniel Wolf , reading visitor at the library.

BfN has one of the largest nature conservation libraries in Europe, with some 145,000 books and media plus about 800 subscribed and archived specialist journals at the Agency’s three locations in Bonn, Leipzig and Vilm. The BfN documentation service catalogues this literature in a continuously updated database containing about 212,000 references.

DNL - online

Press relations work

Sustainable sport as a publicity event: The Naturathlon staged regularly by BfN. Photo: Franz August Emde, BfN
Waiting cyclists

To serve the general public, BfN publishes booklets, flyers and posters on general and specific nature conservation topics. These activities are supplemented by ongoing press relations work. Exhibitions, events and campaigns likewise serve to raise awareness of nature conservation issues. BfN also receives numerous telephone and written enquiries every day, all of which are answered individually.

International Nature Conservation Academy (INA)

Home to national and international nature conservation conferences: The Island of Vilm. Photo: Interflug, Berlin
Vilm from the air

BfN operates its own conference centre, the International Nature Conservation Academy (INA) on the Island of Vilm near Rügen in northern Germany. At the Academy, BfN holds scientific conferences and workshops on a wide range of nature conservation topics. The INA additionally conducts training for capacity-building purposes with regard to implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity and other international commitments. It is also available for use by other institutions for seminars.

Information and education

Deutscher Naturschutztag
Audience (Deutscher Naturschutztag)
Photo: Ursula Euler
Teenagers with tiger skin - photo: Ursula Euler

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