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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

Tourism and sport

Tourism and nature-based sports are reliant on nature and an environment that are diverse and ideally intact. But they can also put pressure on animals and plants and on the habitats in which they live. This calls for environmentally, economically and socially compatible and therefore sustainable approaches and strategies that help minimise conflict and secure use of the natural landscape over the longer term.

In Germany, tourism is a major economic factor. Like no other sector of the economy, it depends on an intact and diverse natural environment. Protected areas such as national parks, biosphere reserves and nature parks are especially attractive for tourists. But tourism and sport also place a burden on nature and the landscape. This is can be attributed to non-sustainable use of available resources, thus fuelling a conflict of interest between nature conservation and outdoor sports. BfN works to achieve sustainable tourism in Germany, working with outdoor sports associations to develop more nature-friendly ways of pursuing sports outdoors.

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