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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

Training materials and videos

To complement our on-site or online training, we work with partners to develop training materials, educational films and guidelines that are used around the world.

Initiating Transboundary Conservation

Training module for strengthening national and local authorities, protected area managers, and enabling communities and stakeholders to be able to assess the feasibility of establishing a Transboundary Conservation Area (TBCA) and to develop strategies to address the most important factors for success in the process of establishing a TBCA. It includes all training material with detailed training notes so that it can be adapted to target groups in terms of skill level, geographical context, level of expertise, language and training needs.

Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures

BfN’s International Academy for Nature Conservation and the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) have released a set of training materials on ‘Other effective area-based conservation measures’ (OECMs), to support awareness raising and capacity building. The materials are aimed to develop worldwide capacity for identifying, recognising, supporting and reporting OECMs. After the training participants will, among other things, understand the background and justification of OECMs and be able to contribute to timely and comprehensive reporting to the World Database on OECMs.

Protected Area Governance

Videos series of 7 didactic video-clips which are aiming to present and explain the main types and subtypes of protected area governance, by showcasing real examples from Eastern Europe.

Privately Protected Areas

Mit den Schulungsmaterialien zu privaten Schutzgebieten (Privately Protected Areas, PPAs) können sich Personen Wissen zum Management und zur Anerkennung und Meldung von PPAs aneignen, beziehungsweise vertiefen und den Prozess in ihren Ländern unterstützen. 

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