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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

Contact and travel

Information on how to contact and travel to the International Academy of Nature Conservation Isle of Vilm
International Academy for Nature Conservation Isle of Vilm
+49 38301 86-0
+49 38301 86-117
18581 Putbus

Travel information

Information on how to get to the Isle of Vilm and the current ferry schedule to Vilm from Lauterbach (Rügen) can be found here.

Guided Excursions

From March to October you can visit the nature reserve Isle of Vilm with its rich natural and cultural heritage, on a guided excursion with the shipping company Lenz e.K. Previous registration via the shipping company is required!

Fahrgastreederei Lenz e.K.
+49 38301 61-896
+49 38301 61-874
Lauterbacher Chaussee 9A, 18581 Putbus

Press enquiries

Division Press and Public Relations
+49 228 8491-4444
Konstantinstr. 110, 53179 Bonn
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