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Bundesamt für Naturschutz


Digitalisation is a global megatrend that brings both opportunities and risks for nature conservation. BfN aims to analyse digital trends in order to align digitalisation with nature conservation by means of policy consultation, strategies and in-house projects.

Digital transformation has given rise to new forms of doing business, communicating and recreation. Unless it is actively shaped and directed, there is a risk that huge socio-environmental challenges such as ongoing biodiversity loss will further intensify. This is why BfN aims to make digitalisation serve societal transformation that is compatible with the needs of both nature and people. In this way, digital technologies can help to combat the ongoing loss of species and protect natural habitats. It is thus vital to support the development of practical digital applications for use in nature conservation. As part of these efforts, BfN examines and evaluates the impact of digital trends on matters related to nature conservation and develops models for use in shaping the path to the digital future in a way that is aligned with the needs of nature conservation.

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