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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

Press Contact

We are happy to arrange interviews with BfN experts for media representatives and to provide facts and figures. We can also provide images and graphics on request.

Please use our contact form for press enquiries or send us e-mail if you prefer. You can also call us during normal office hours.

For general questions and requests for information, please see the contact page on the BfN website.

Bundesamt für Naturschutz
Press and Public Relations
+49 228 8491-4444
+49 228 8491-1039
Konstantinstr. 110, 53179 Bonn

Press Team

Ruth Birkhölzer
Head of the Press Office and Press Officer
+49 228 8491-1030
Konstantinstr. 110, 53179
Corinna Bertz
Deputy Press Officer
+49 228 8491-1031
Julia Gossenberger
Public Relations
+49 228 8491-1033
Janine Mickley (in Elternzeit)
Public Relations
+49 228 8491-1034
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