German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Application procedure


Applications for the issue of a permit must be submitted to the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation well in advance of the intended import, export or re-export and, for applications concerning live animals, preferably at least 6 weeks before the planned shipment. Provided that all conditions are fulfilled, the statutory processing time is 4 weeks. If additional documentation is required or further information has to be requested, this period may be extended, in which case you receive an interim communication to that effect.

How to complete the forms

You may apply for one item on form no 221 and up to three further additional items on form no 222. When more than one item is applied for, we bind together both permit forms with a seal and issue one permit. Please note that a maximum of one enclosure may be used per permit, i.e. to apply for more than 4 different items you must complete additional applications (item 5 on form 221, items 6 to 8 on form 222, etc.).
If there are several specimens for which all the details required in boxes 8 and 11 to 22 of the application form are identical, you may state the quantity as a combined total.

Once a permit is issued, it may be used only once. In the event that only part of the quantity covered by the permit is made ready for shipment, it is necessary to apply for new documents for the remaining specimens. It is not possible to check items off a permit incrementally.

The originals and all copies of unused permits must be sent back to the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation immediately upon expiration of their validity.

The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation offers you the facility to submit your application for import and export permits or re-export certificates electronically. However, you can also download the application form as a pdf file, to be printed, completed and returned to the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation by postal mail.



Last Change: 01/03/2021