German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Export permit/re-export certificate for dead specimens, parts or derivatives

The submitted application form must be accompanied by the following documents (NB: where documents are marked with an asterisk * copies may be attached to the electronic application form but the originals will need to be sent to the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) subsequently. Permits are only issued once the Agency has been provided with the original documents):

Evidence of lawful import into the EU or lawful acquisition within the EU.

Acceptable forms of documentary evidence:

  • Yellow copy* of import permit into the EU and/or yellow copy* of import declaration for import into the EU (or, for import into the EU up until 31.05.1997, blue copy* of import permit and/or blue copy* of import certificate)
  • Official confirmation of lawful import of Annex B specimens into the EU
  • Original* of the lawful origin certificate from the competent Land authority, or the CITES certificate issued up until 31.05.1997
  • Original* of the certificate pursuant to Article 8 (3) (certificate of exemption from the ban on commercial use) from the competent Land authority (only for Annex A species, with the exception of antique specimens from Annex A)
  • Certificate of captive breeding* within the EU (for Annex B species)
  • Copy of IRV certification document with IRV number

The following additional documents may be required in certain circumstances:

  • Copy of CITES import permit from the country of destination (only for CITES Appendix I species, e.g. specimens taken from the wild or originating from commercial but not approved breeding operations)
  • Lists of caviar labels
  • Lists of tag numbers
  • Copy of authorization for the shipment applied for (no prescribed form)

Electronic submission of applications

To electronic submission via CITES-online (in German)

In order to submit your application electronically you will need SUN's JavaTM Web Start installed. This software and the user manual can be downloaded from CITES-online.

Application form in pdf format to download and complete

Special Regulations

Antiques from Annex A

Last Change: 23/01/2019