German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Import permit for live specimens

The submitted application form must be accompanied by:

  • Copy of the CITES export document
  • Copy of phytosanitary certificate
  • Evidence that the specimen was lawfully taken from the wild for scientific purposes, issued by the competent CITES authority in the country of origin (only for Appendix 1 species taken from the wild)
  • Description of proposed housing (only for animals)
    • At the time of their first application, traders in birds or reptiles should provide a list of all the housing at their disposal.

The following additional documents may be required in certain circumstances:

  • Copy of wild animal enclosure permit
  • Copy of trading license
  • Copy of permit pursuant to section 11 of the Federal Animal Welfare Act (TierSchG)
  • Lists of ring or transponder numbers
  • List of specimens kept which are covered by Annex A to Council Regulation (EC) No. 338/97
  • Copy of falconry hunting license
  • Description of the scientific project
  • Description of the scientific breeding project
  • Copy of the permit to conduct experiments on animals
  • Declaration by the EEP coordinator or keeper of the stud book
  • Copy of authorization for the shipment applied for (no prescribed form)

Electronic submission of applications

To electronic submission via CITES-online (in german)

In order to submit your application electronically you will need SUN's JavaTM Web Start installed. This software and the user manual can be downloaded from CITES-online.

Application form in pdf format to download and complete

Last Change: 23/01/2019