German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Costs Ordinance

The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) is responsible for issuing permits / certificates for import, export or re-export of species of fauna and flora protected under the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), European Union Council Regulation (EC) No. 338/97 or the German Federal Ordinance on the Conservation of Species (BArtSchV).

Due to the high demand for permits, this work is time-consuming and costly. For this reason the legislator has decided to make use of the statutory provision for levying charges (fees and expenses) for these formalities.

The Costs Ordinance, which regulates the level of fees charged, entered into force in April 1998 and was amended with effect from 10.11.2001. The scale of charges is structured according to the individual circumstances. Examples can be viewed in the schedule below.

In exceptional cases a waiver of fees  may be granted. This applies to imports, exports or re-exports of specimens for purposes of scientific research and education, in particular where this contributes to the conservation of the species in question; and to specimens being imported or exported for scientific breeding programmes with conservation goals.

As a matter of policy, the application for fees to be waived should be made informally. The party liable for costs must provide evidence that the conditions are satisfied for costs to be waived. For this purpose, the party liable for costs may be required to present a certificate from a recognized scientific institution confirming that the specimens will be used for the purposes stated above.

Fees may be waived up the level of the minimum fee if the fee exceeds the value of the goods by more than 30 percent. The minimum fee is 5 Euro.

For the export of plant specimens artificially propagated in Germany up to a value of 50 Euro, no fee will be charged.

Extract from the Costs Ordinance

  • Live specimens:
    • Import permit: 50 Euro
    • Export permit: 26 Euro
    • Re-export certificate: 30 Euro
    • Ownership certificate / Combined permit: 42 Euro
    • Permit granting exemption from the prohibition on possession and commercial use: 16 Euro
    • Travelling exhibition certificate: 60 Euro
  • Dead specimens:
    • Import permit: 20 Euro
    • Export permit: 15 Euro
    • Re-export certificate: 15 Euro
    • Sample collection certificate: 24 Euro
    • Permit granting exemption from the prohibition on possession and commercial use: 16 Euro
  • Non-Cites certificate:
    16 Euro
  • Pre-issued export document:
    8 Euro

The addition of an enclosure to extend the permit gives rise to a surcharge of half the fee specified for the permit or certificate in the schedule of charges.

Last Change: 01/03/2021