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Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation (1982)

Logo Trilateral Cooperation on the Protection of the Wadden Sea

Trilateral Cooperation on the Protection of the Wadden Sea


Contracting parties:

Denmark, Germany, Netherlands


This Cooperation aims to protect and preserve the Wadden Sea habitat in order to allow diverse and dynamic natural processes to unfold in this area. A further aim is to intensify dialogue with all user and stakeholder groups.


This trilateral cooperation builds upon a Joint Declaration on the Protection of the Wadden Sea adopted by environment ministers at a governmental conference of the three wadden sea states in 1982. Regular governmental conferences have been held since then, prepared by the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat. The secretariat also supports and coordinates all cooperation measures and publishes reports and documents. A Trilateral Wadden Sea Plan was adopted in 1997, setting out the key points of common conservation and management measures. A Trilateral Monitoring and Assessment Programme (TMAP) is in place to assess the implementation of the measures set out in the plan and provide data on the status of the wadden sea ecosystem.


The Common Wadden Sea Secretariat
Virchowstraße 1
26382 Wilhelmshaven, Germany
Tel.: +49 4421 9108 0
Fax.: +49 4421 9108 30

BfN activities:

BfN was involved in developing the Trilateral Wadden Sea Plan. BfN is also involved in the preparations for and follow-up to the governmental conferences which take place every three years.

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