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Profile: BirdLife International

BirdLife International
founded in 1922 (prior to 1993: International Council for Bird Preservation/ICBP)


BirdLife International is a global partnership of over 70 non-governmental organisations and close to 40 affiliates from 100 countries around the world. The German affiliate is NABU.


BirdLife International and its partners aim to protect and conserve all bird species and their habitats throughout the world and, through birds, to conserve biodiversity and to improve the quality of people’s lives.


BirdLife International holds a World Conference every four years. At the World Conference, BirdLife partners adopt future strategies and programmes and elect a Global Council and regional committees.

The Global Council appoints a Chief Executive Officer to head an international Secretariat. This coordinates and supports the work of BirdLife partners to further the organisation’s aims and objectives.

BirdLife has more than 4,000 staff working for conservation worldwide. Over two million children get involved each year. BirdLife partners also own or manage conservation sites with a total area greater than one million hectares.

BirdLife International is funded by contributions from the 2.5 million members of its national partner NGOs. BirdLife partners also pay an annual contribution to the budget of the international secretariat.


BirdLife International
Wellbrook Court
Girton Road
Cambridge CB3 0NA
United Kingdom
Tel.: +44-1223277 318
Fax: +44-1223 277200


BfN activities:

As part of its funding programme for conservation organisations, BfN supports projects carried out by the German BirdLife partner organisation, NABU. BfN also works internationally with various other BirdLife members.

Further Information

BirdLife International website

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