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Global Nature Fund (GNF)
founded in 1998


GNF is an international foundation and so has no members. But the foundation works closely with a total of 16 authorities and environmental umbrella organisations and 19 patrons and business partners. In its Living Lakes project, however, GNF has established an international network of 32 partner lakes, 3 candidates, 33 associated parternes and one honorary member (as of June 2010).


GNF’s aims include promoting nature and environment conservation and the protection of animals, initiating and carrying out nature and environment conservation projects to protect wildlife including migratory animals, their habitats and migration routes, developing model projects to promote sustainable development, issuing publications and organising events on nature and environment conservation issues, and promoting international conventions to conserve biodiversity.


The Global Nature Fund was launched in 1998 with donations from Professor Gerhard Thielcke, Jürgen Resch, Jörg Dürr-Pucher, Michael Bauer, Karla Bauer and Professor Thomas Feske. GNF has a Board of Directors and a Founders’ Committee. The Board of Directors is made up of between three and seven people as stated in the GNF charter, and is elected for a four year term of office by the national committee of Deutsche Umwelthilfe e. V., a German environment and nature conservation NGO. The Board of Directors administers the foundation as laid down in the GNF charter and must look after the foundation assets and other funds responsibly and economically. The Founders’ Committee has at least two members as provided for in the GNF charter and is made up of founder-members and subsequent donors. It is responsible for supervising and advising the Board of Directors. If a member of the Founders’ Committee is elected to the Board of Directors, the founder-member or donor concerned loses his or her seat on the Founders’ Committee for the duration of his or her term on the Board.

GNF has its head office in Radolfzell, southern Germany, and branch offices in Bonn and Berlin. GNF has four main areas of focus: The world-wide Living Lakes network, conservation and sustainable development of old cultural landscapes, sustainable management of wetlands and shallow lakes, and campaigning on an ongoing basis to raise public awareness of nature and environment conservation issues.

The Global Nature Fund is funded from donations, allocated fines, earned interest, grants and state project funding.


Global Nature Fund (GNF)
Internationale Stiftung für Umwelt und Natur
Fritz-Reichle-Ring 4
D-78315 Radolfzell

Tel: +49-7732-9995-80/-85
Fax: +49-7732995-88

BfN Activities:

BfN has supported the Living Lakes conference for a number of years with funds provided by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU).

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Global Nature Fund website


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