German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Transcript of the Oder Bank video

This protected area is uniquely characteristic of the habitat type ‘sandbank’ in the Baltic, and comprises almost the entire Oderbank. It is an important feeding ground for the Baltic houting, for freshwater fish which tolerate brackish conditions, and for other migratory fish species, such as the Sturgeon which has come very close to extinction. The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation is carrying out a reintroduction project in the hope that the sturgeon may once again spawn in the Oder River and use the seaward Oderbank for feeding. Since the Oderbank is a fish spawning habitat and nursery ground, it is also attractive to Harbour porpoises. The small cetaceans recorded here probably belong to the endangered eastern Baltic sub-population. The plentiful food supply at the Oderbank is also of major importance to a variety of seabird species. Common scoters, Velvet scoters and many others overwinter and moult here in concentrations of international significance.