German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Transcript of the Western Rønne Bank SAC video

In the Western Rönnebank protected area, reefs comprised of glacial boulders at depths of up to 35 metres stretch from the Adlergrund south-westwards towards the island of Rügen. As in the Adlergrund, these boulder fields are densely covered with mussels. Despite the water’s low salinity – typical for this region - these mussel banks host many species in high abundances. Apart from the countless small organisms, it is mainly fish that seek out spawning grounds, food, and resting places in the shelter of the boulders and mussel banks. Cod is one such species. For the most part of its life, cod live close to the sea floor. This is especially true of the young fish, which spend the first years of their lives in the vicinity of their original feeding grounds.