German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Transcript of the Dogger Bank SAC video

The Dogger Bank protected area is rich in fish and includes part of the North Sea’s largest sandbank, which is almost 18,000 square kilometres in size. This area is host to highly endangered fish species, such as the Spiny dogfish, and numerous redlisted species of specialized bottom-dwelling animal communities. The clear water and special turbulences ensure high biological productivity down to depths of about 40 metres. Large quantities of plankton are the food source for specialized feeders like the Basking shark, a species that is strictly protected under the international CITES Convention. The abundance of plankton, micro-organisms and small animals provides many fish species with constant and ample nutrition. This in turn benefits marine mammals, particularly Harbour porpoises, which use the Dogger Bank as a feeding ground.