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FloraWeb (in German) is a web-based portal which focuses on plant species, plant communities and vegetation. Set up and managed by the German Federal Nature Conservation Agency (BfN), FloraWeb links scientifically proven facts in specialist databases with specialist background information designed to inform anyone interested in nature conservation. 


Invasiver Neozoe trifft auf potenziell invasiven Neophyt

Neobiota (in German) is an information system for alien and invasive species in Germany. Information provided includes evaluations regarding the extent of invasions and the basic fundamentals of invasive and/or alien plants and animals. It also enables access to a handbook, early warning system, projects and a collection of links concerning this topic.



The large number of national and international treaties and regulations that apply in species protection work made it difficult to maintain an overview. WISIA-online is an online species protection database which gives users fast and easy access to information on the animals and plants protected under law applicable to Germany. It also provides information on flora and fauna that enjoy priority protection. Data is provided either in tables or in the form of individual datasheets.



ZEET-online provides information on all case-specific decisions concerning trade in wild animals from specific countries of origin which are applicable in the EU and must be considered in approval processes as prescribed in Regulation (EC) 338/97. Zeet publishes a full alphabetical listing of the animal species contained in Annexes A and B of Regulation (EC) 338/97, whose import into the EU is subject to case-specific decisions made jointly by all EU member states.


Last Change: 10/02/2021