German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Tourism and Sports

Paraglider in the foothills of the Alps (© Michael Pütsch)
The picture shows a paraglider in the foothills of the Alps.

Sports and the great outdoors go together. Sports are particularly enjoyable in attractive natural settings, but are not always compatible with nature conservation objectives. Sporting activities in the natural environment can sometimes lead to conflicts. Climbing during the nesting periods of the peregrine falcon and the owl and paragliding in areas inhabited by chamois are just two of many examples.


Poppy field in summer (© B. Engels)
The picture shows a poppy field.

Nature-friendly tourism offerings are as diverse as nature itself, providing opportunities for recreation and to experience nature first hand. This benefits both tourists and the natural environment. Sustainable – meaning economically, environmentally and socially responsible – tourism development uses integrated conservation and land use approaches to protect sensitive areas and boost regional economies. BfN works to foster the sustainable development of tourism in Germany and worldwide.


Last Change: 23/02/2021