German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Hobrechtsfelde Leaching Field Landscape

Funding priority

Fostering regional development compatible with nature conservation: Agriculture, forestry and water resource management in line with nature conservation objectives


Barnim Nature Park, Brandenburg and Berlin


06/2009 - 11/2010 (preliminary study)

Brief description

This project aims to obtain new synergies for nature conservation, recreation and forestry from pastoral use of a varied woodland landscape planted on former leaching fields in an area of transition between city and nature park. The plan is to turn former leaching fields into a park-like landscape that serves conservation objectives while supporting forestry and providing a varied recreational area on the edge of urban Berlin. Key tasks in the main project to come include improving the area’s hydrology and establishing all-year woodland grazing with resilient farm breeds. Extensive grazing will ultimately create, in a large area, a type of landscape that is new to Germany – the semi-open Hobrechtsfelde leaching field landscape. The area will be neither typical woodland nor typical pasture land, but a varied new combination of the two. The main purpose of the preliminary study for this testing and development project is to lay groundwork for the main project. The preliminary study involves conceptual preparation and choosing activities that will make up the main project in consultation with all involved. The form and content of the accompanying research will also be decided in the preliminary study. Also as part of the preliminary study, an interdisciplinary steering committee will be set up to discuss, assess and decide on the main objectives, activities and outcomes.

Entity responsible for the project

Förderverein Naturpark Barnim e.V.
Wandlitzer Chaussee 55
16321 Bernau bei Berlin, Germany

Liaison at BfN

Dr. Peter Finck, FG II 2.1

Project funding agencies

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation; Förderverein Naturpark Barnim e.V.

Grant amount

€ 148,000

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