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Conservation of Migratory Species in Central Asia: Special focus on the Saiga

Photo: Pauline Mische, BfN

Vilm, 05.04.2019 This week, a joint workshop on the Saiga antelope of the Bonn Convention (CMS), the Washington Convention (CITES) and the BfN took place on Vilm.
Representatives of governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as veterinarians and scientists used the meeting to exchange about current population trends, threats and conservation approaches for the Saiga.

In this context, the status of implementation of a programme for Saiga conservation based on a Memorandum of Understanding was evaluated and priorities for the continuation of the programme between 2020 and 2025 were discussed.

The centre of attention was the best possible protection of the Saiga whose survival is threatened by various diseases, poaching as well as roads and fences hindering their migration. The results included a new draft Medium-Term International Work Programme for 2021 until 2025, including priority measures for Saiga conservation and sustainable use.

Additional information and workshop documents are available at the CMS website

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