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Demonstration farms for biodiversity

Demonstration farms for biodiversity: recommendations published

Flower strips on a demonstration farm for biodiversity Photo: Laura Sutcliffe / University of Göttingen
Photo: Laura Sutcliffe / University of Göttingen

Bonn /Isle of Vilm, 01 April 2020: Species-rich cultural landscapes can best be preserved when nature conservation and agriculture go hand in hand. Demonstration farms for biodiversity are a good example. They test biodiversity friendly farming measures and motivate interested parties to take them up through public relations work. In this way they build crucial bridges between nature conservation and agriculture. To ensure that this succeeds on a broad scale, stakeholders from agriculture and nature conservation jointly drew up five requirements at a workshop organised by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation at the International Academy for Nature Conservation Isle of Vilm in November 2019. The recommendations are described in the conference report.

  1. Ensure quality through a variety of measures and transparent minimum standards
  2. Make successes visible and create acceptance through ecological monitoring
  3. Competent advice supports the demonstration farms as multipliers
  4. Demonstration farms must network at regional and national level
  5. Create an enabling framework for an expansion of demonstration farms and biodiversity advice in the new EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

The report of the workshop (in German "Naturschutz und Landwirtschaft im Dialog: Demonstrationsbetriebe für Artenvielfalt - Was macht sie erfolgreich?") describes the recommendations in detail.