German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Master Course Agriculture

University course for students at the interface of agriculture and nature conservation

Groupwork during the course (Photo: K.Bockmühl, BfN)

Vilm, 19/09/2019. In September, the INA, in cooperation with the Institute for Agroecology and Biodiversity (IFAB), organised the four-day event "Nature Management on Agricultural Land - University Course for the Interface of Agriculture & Nature Conservation/Ecology". Eighteen students from all over Germany studying different disciplines in the field of agricultural sciences and nature conservation came to Vilm to learn how they can successfully cooperate with farmers in their future careers as nature conservation agricultural advisors.

Experts, farmers and agricultural advisors trained the students in methods and measures for enhancing the ecological value of agricultural ecosystems and agricultural land together with farmers. In addition to concrete ecological and agricultural measures to promote biodiversity in the agricultural landscape, the students were trained in the various existing support measures and increased their understanding of agricultural business processes through farm visits, lectures and interactive sessions, such as role plays.

Many of the young students grew up on their parents' farms or have already gained experience in agriculture. They see cooperation between nature conservationists and farmers at eye level as the key to success in making agriculture more nature conservation-friendly. With a growing number of training events of this kind, there is also growing hope that the maturing nature conservation agricultural advisors will be able to dissolve the unfortunately often hardened fronts between agriculture and nature conservation over the coming years. (Photo: Kathrin Bockmühl, BfN)