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Privately Protected Areas 2019

Support for Privately Protected Areas

Photo: Pauline Mische

Between 8 and 12 April 2019, Vilm became a forum for Privately Protected Areas when a seminar jointly organized by the IUCN WCPA Specialist Group on Privately Protected Areas and Nature Stewardship and the International Academy for Nature Conservation took place here.
Experts from around the world spent four days discussing Privately Protected Areas based on the recent publication of IUCN Best Practice Guidelines which was subject of a 2017 workshop here on Vilm.
The main objective was the discussion on how to further support PPAs in light of new biodiversity targets expected in 2020; increasing training capacity based on the Guidelines and creating an agenda for the specialist group's mandate on private stewardship beyond PPAs.
Results included the elaboration for a training programme for 2019 - 2020, the drafting of a declaration on the values of Privately Protected Areas to be adopted at the World Conservation Congress in 2020, the development of processes to gather data on PPAs for the World Database on Protected Areas, the identification of research needs related to PPAs, outlining of a peer review paper on the contribution of PPAs to connectivity and representativeness, the drafting of a resolution on better PPA reporting for the World Conservation Congress in 2020.

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