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UNEP Short Course

Young professionals from the Global South for conservation training on Vilm island

UNEP_SC Scholarship holders (Photo: A.Lindner)

Vilm, 10/09/2019. Every year, young professionals from Asia, Africa and Latin America who work in environmental protection and nature conservation in their home countries receive scholarships from UNEP, UNESCO and BMU for a postgraduate training in environmental and nature conservation management at the Centre for International Postgraduate Studies of Environmental Management (CIPSEM) at the Technical University Dresden. In late summer this year, 21 scholarship holders took part in the International Short Course on Ecosystem Management - Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Services. Part of this six-week advanced training course was a module on international nature conservation at INA. The aim of the Vilm module was to develop knowledge on international conservation conventions, sustainable use and conservation of biological diversity and marine nature conservation.

According to a participant from Indonesia, the scholarship holders benefited greatly from the six-week advanced training course with regard to their professional life: "I believe that among us, the participants of CIPSEM 77th International Short Course, are possible future leaders of our countries. Thus, with the skills we learned, the knowledge we gained and the senses we built up through this course, we would be empowered to negotiate more reasonable in an international event and manage the ecosystem and the earth in a better way." (Photo: André Lindner)