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Launch of web portal for biological diversity on church land

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Bonn, 21/10/2019. The "Infoportal Kirchenland" has emerged from a cooperation between the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, the German Nordkirche (the Lutheran Church of Northern Germany) and the Michael Succow Foundation. It provides information on how areas owned by the Nordkirche can be managed in a way to promote biodiversity, and is intended to help curb the decline in biodiversity in agricultural landscapes.

The portal is aimed at parishioners, pries, staff of church administration, farmers and other interested parties. They may find information on ecological options for action on agricultural land owned by the church. The portal does not only explain what can be done to preserve and promote biodiversity in the agricultural landscape. It also shows ways in which people who use land owned by the church can enter into dialogue with parishes, and where nature conservation advice and support for agriculture can be found. Practical examples show already proven measures by committed parishes or other church actors.

Like many parishes in Germany, the parishes of the Nordkirche own real estate, of which around 58,000 hectares are agricultural leased land. Up to now, it has been difficult for the parish councils responsible for leasing to find information that takes into account church, social, economic and ecological aspects. This gap is to be closed by the web portal.

In order to preserve biological diversity in Germany, all relevant stakeholders must be involved. For the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, this cooperation is a step towards establishing relationships with other actors and supporting them. (Photo: Screenshot)

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